Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Music Video Finale

Well, this is it. The final project for my G.T. class. Our very last project is music videos. The project where we get the most freedom in filming and effects. My teammates for this project are going to be Emma McGinnis, Maddie Hoesel, Kasiah Vercelli, and Alani Viets. All of them are great friends and students, and I'm glad I got to work with them on this project. :) So, the song that we've decided on is actually a mashup of the songs Young Volcanoes and This is Gospel (Young Gospel) by Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. Both are great bands that most of us in the group are fans of. A big part of the project was to find a storyline and how it relates to the song and its lyrics. The song is a mashup, but the lyrics we're using are from the first two minutes of This is Gospel. That song is basically about letting someone help you, no matter how alone or helpless you feel. So, in our music video, we'll show the five of us and our five parallel stories about feeling alone. Throughout the video it will show us being near or around each other, but we don't even realize it. It basically shows how many people feel that they are alone and nobody understands how they feel. They feel this way, but in reality, there are people all around them feel the exact same way. 

In music videos there a lot of things called fast-edit montage sequences. Everyone's music video had to have one of these, and in each one they have to match up with the beat of the song. In the first 10 seconds of our song there is just and instrumental and no lyrics, so we decided to do a fast-edit montage that goes along with the claps in the beginning. So for the first 6 seconds, there are quick random shots (.6 seconds) of each person on the team. They're quick flashes, and it's so far my favorite part of the video. It's my favorite because of how well matched it is, and because we're not together in any of them. That shows how lonely we all feel in the music video.

Throughout this school year I've never really been super proud to show off all of my work, and I feel like this is the first project that I'm willing to go around and show off. It's, in my opinion, the best project that I've done this year and I'm proud of it. I feel that it showcases some of my best work because of the shots and how determined we were to make it work. Getting all five of us to work together in one day was really hard to do. It didn't help that the one day that we could work out was on-and-off rainy. So I'm proud of us for getting that to work. The shots that we did were not all planned, but we made them work really well. I'm pretty sure I took most of them and I'm glad with the way they worked out.

We got second place!
This is my last project AND blog post of the year! I've had a lot of fun making a variety of media for the past three years. This class has gotten me into photography and media even more than I already was when I started. I'm grateful for all of the great skills that I have been taught, and I really look forward to using them in the future. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

Hey there! It's time for another G.T. project! This project will consist of animation, and using the tool that I talked about in the last blog post. That tool is the Puppet Warp tool. My teammates for this project are my classmates Maddie Hoesel and Kyler Arruda-Sukehira. One of the most important parts of this animation projects is exaggerating the character traits of each of our teammates. Maddie and I are very soft-spoken people who have never really been able to completely grasp the skills we need to socialize. I mean we can do the basics like talking and responding, but we're just not very good at it. While Kyler, my other teammate, is almost the complete opposite. He's sassy, not afraid to say what he's thinking, and he's just....Kyler.
One of the biggest factors in this animation is humor. We, of course, want to send a message with a good life lesson to the audience, but in a way that will be funny and more relatable. The message that my team wants to send is to be more empathetic and considerate. Also, we want to show that even people who are completely different can help each other somehow. Like how sassy, outgoing Kyler helped Maddie and I improve our social skills, and vice versa.
This project was one of the most difficult and frustrating projects this year. Our teacher made us team up with people that we've never been on a team with before, which wasn't at all the problem. I was already familiar with my teammates, and they were easy to work with. There were just other problems such as deadlines and animating. The deadline was a lot sooner than most students were prepared for. Luckily, our teacher had a talk with the class and let us explain what we felt and we got a few more days to work on it. Making the animation was another problem, at least for me it was. Considering I had just learned how to work the Puppet Warp tool, I wasn't exactly fast or good. Fortunately, I eventually got the hang of it and sped up just a little. Animation was also hard for me because of how quick I had to go. At least my teammates were easier to work with. This project was definitely stressful, but I got through it and also learned a little.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Character Development

Hello there! I am back with another G.T. project. For now, we are working on using the Puppet Warp tool in PhotoShop. This tool is great and it's something you can get really creative with, but I'll explain that more later. A big part of this project is knowing who we are and being able to define ourselves. I am and always have been a clumsy, kind of soft spoken person. Those two traits combined can lead to very awkward situations, and as most people know, awkwardness isn't exactly the best thing to have.

While animating myself in PhotoShop, I plan to exaggerate my arms and legs. I want to do just a little dance with my arms and legs that make the .GIF humorous. The best way of doing this would be with the puppet warp tool. If I use that, then it'll be easy to make my arms and legs look like they are moving. I'd have to set all of the points on my body, then move the points on the part of my body that I want to look like is moving. It sounds confusing when I talk about it, but the process is really simple. (By the way, I know my picture in the .GIF look like a mugshot. Please don't judge.)

Like I said, I know I made the process sound complicated, but it's actually very simple. The first step is to get pictures of yourself or whatever you want to animate. The best way to do this is to take the pictures against a solid background so it's easier to cut yourself out later. After taking the photos, you then open them in PhotoShop and use the Quick Selection Tool to cut yourself out of the photo so that the Puppet Warp tool works later. After cutting yourself out as best as possible, click "Refine Edge" to edit the edges to look like what you wish. Now that you have your character, the next step is to go to File > Puppet Warp. Use the tool to pin point on the parts of your body that you would like to change. When I did it, I put point on my body every time. I put them on my forehead, 2 sides of my neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. When you have your points, you can move them to warp your character. Press enter to finish and you character is done. Do the same as you would in regular animation, just with the Puppet Warp in between. I really recommend trying this tool if you can. It's great and it's something you can get really creative with.

Friday, March 11, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Hello there! Today there is yet another G.T. project! This time, we are making groups in our class and making videos to enter in the 2016 MOV. Film Festival. My teammates are Emma McGinnis, and Daileen Barton. The themes for the film festival can either be "Tell Me A Story" or "Make Me Laugh". We decided to do "Make Me Laugh" because we, for some reason, think we're funny. We decided to make a movie trailer that a is a spoof of the horror movie Oculus. Before filming anything, my team and I have to plan everything like plot, characters, and keywords. Our key words for our film are horror, spoof, and comedy. We wanted these keywords to connect with the audience and draw them in. We feel that they will connect with the audience, because they will se comedy and know what they're in for.

During the pre-filming time, one of my team's focuses were to find a message that we want to send to the audience. We wanted to add humor to a situation that originally wasn't very humorous. We also wanted to point out things that could have solved the situation a lot faster and easier. We decided to add humor in places that are supposed to be serious. I, personally, love movie trailers and am excited to film this and hopefully make some people laugh. So, our main goal is to pretty much make people enjoy themselves and have good laugh or two.

Throughout the planning/filming/editing process of this project our team may have gone through a couple bumps on the road, but our biggest challenge that we had to face was probably filming. We didn't exactly plan very well the first time we filmed. We didn't get everything that we needed and we're going to have to plan another time to film the rest of our video. We also could have found a better place to film, because my room isn't exactly the roomiest place to be filming. Although these were serious challenges in our filming process, we were able to work with what we had in the end, and hopefully the result is a good, funny movie trailer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

New project! Our latest projects in G.T. are called polar & spherical panoramas. Part of the process is to take individual pictures which are kind of overlapping from left to right. Then, in PhotoShop, you would have to put them together. You might be wondering: What's the point of taking multiple images when I could just take picture? Here's why. After taking your pictures and putting them into PhotoShop, you have to bend them in all the different ways in order to get a correct, good-looking final result. You most likely would never be able to do that with just a single picture.

During the making of this project we had to make two different types of images. A polar panorama and a spherical
panorama. The process is pretty similar, but the outcome is very different. In a polar panorama, the bottom of the horizon line (usually land part) is in the middle and resembles a planet. While a spherical panorama looks more like the complete opposite. Where the top of the horizon line (usually the sky) is in the middle and the land is around the edges.

While making these "tiny worlds" my biggest concern is making them look as convincing and realistic as possible. After making your panorama look like a tiny world, there will always be a line where the panorama begins and ends. After that your goals would be getting rid of that line by using tools like the stamp and smudge tool. It also helps to rotate the image when you are finished. Then, if your line doesn't look very convincing, moving it to the bottom or side doesn't make it the center of attention and it's not as noticeable.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

School Photomontage of my Friend, Emma

Our latest project in G.T. is photomontages, similar to the the well known ones by David Hockney. He has his own techniques that make his photos great, but I also have my own techniques. My photomontages are pretty different from Hockney's. His photomontages have a certain style that make a lot of them look like paintings, where mine look more realistic. He definitely takes more pictures than me. When he puts them together, it does make his photos look bigger.

There are a lot of different types of emotions that can be attached to art. Most of the time, images can send out positive messages. It can show the viewer an obviously happy situation, or even a more complex situation with a subliminal message. But there can also be negative messages attached to images, which can be sent out in the same ways as positive messages. Then again, a message attached to an images can always be based on entirely how the viewer sees it.

Final Photomontage of an Orchid
While finding subjects for my final photomontage, I had to keep in mind what the viewers would think and what message I wanted to send out to them. While taking my pictures I was thinking about how there's just this one beautiful orchid as the focal point. And it got me to thinking about how much it can make people think. When people see a single flower in a photo, they can stare at it in awe. Just like one person can make a bigger impact. One person can make a bigger difference in the world. It may not be the clearest message, but it's there. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

It's finally 2016! That means it's time for me to set some new goals to become a better me! Here are my top 5. One of my top 5 goals for 2016 is to get more involved with photography. When I first got my camera, I was really happy with it and used it a lot, but lately I haven't been taking as many pictures as I would like. I love photography and want to be more involved. My second goal is to try to be more confident. For the past few years, I haven't been very confident in myself and would like to change that. My third goal would be to procrastinate less on things like school work and chores. Procrastination gets me really stressed out when a due date comes up. My fourth goal is to stress out less. A lot of times a overthink things and it takes all the fun out of a lot of things. My last goal would be to obtain a healthier lifestyle. It's important to stay healthy and could help me later on in life so that's something that I would like to work on.

My most important goal to me would be obtaining a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthier and going out and exercising more would really help me a lot. It would really make a lot of stuff easier for me and even boost my confidence. I'm really looking forward living healthier and feeling a lot better about myself. It would also be really good for me to start living with a healthier mind too, not just my body.

Just saying that I want to live healthier is easy, but I have to try hard to take the steps to make sure that I really do succeed. I planned out practicing living healthier with my parents and we all agreed to do this together. I'm going to start planning out my meals and even find new meals that are healthy. I plan to go out and exercise more. I don't only want to start living a healthier life for just my body, but my mind too. I want to start being more optimistic and looking on the bright side of things. In the past, I have stressed out a lot over little things and it really isn't good for me. So it would really help me to work on relaxing every once in a while to sort things out. Hopefully I can succeed this aspiration and start living a healthier life.